Rincon’s John Greathouse finally apologizes for sexist (and more!) WSJ op-ed. What took so long?

It’s hard to know exactly what John Greathouse was thinking when he penned his overtly sexist, but also implicitly racist, xenophobic, and anti-semitic article for the Wall Street Journal, arguing women should disguise their gender to get a fair shot in the tech world.

An excerpt:

But whatever the reason – and however unfair it may be – I would suggest that if you are a woman raising capital, you might consider not including photos of your team in your pitch deck. If you identify your team via their initials (men and women), you effectively strip out all preconceptions related to race, ethnicity and gender. In your LinkedIn profile, Twitter account, email address and online correspondence use your initials (or a unisex name) and eliminate photos.

After more than 24 hours of silence amid a social media backlash, he finally apologized:


— John Greathouse (@johngreathouse) September 29, 2016

It didn’t take his partner Jim Andelman quite as long. He sent this email to his portfolio even before the outrage began:

This article by John was posted in The Wall Street Journal last night. (pasted in below for those who get hit with a paywall): http://blogs.wsj.com/experts/2016/09/28/why-women-in-tech-might-consider-just-using-their-initials-online/

I could not disagree with it more. I apologize on behalf of the firm.



One of Andelman’s portfolio companies we spoke with backed up that the article in no way reflects their relationship with the firm. But they also mentioned they’d had almost no dealings with Greathouse. Which is strange since the Rincon Web site says this...

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