A Plan for Winding Down the Syrian Civil War

Cristian Goian says:

It is a long article but other than that a good one, imho.
1. What about a no-fly-zone, say North from a particularly latitude and Est from a longitude? Would that help?
2. I didn’t notice any express reference to hit a Russian asset in Syria in case of bombardments by a russian plane. Do you mean an “enforcement mechanisms” only toward Assad regime? What will be in that case toward Russia or Iran, please?
3. Do you think that Assad regime is on track to become a “single actor in Syria that has the capacity to win outright”, please? Even with its outsourcing of military …
4. As Russia have objectives in Syria and is determined to achieve them isn’t the US policy in Syria determined by the relation with Russia rather then what happen on the ground? So far kind of seem that way, imho. If that is the case plans like one in your article are worth taking in consideration?

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