Apple's new TV app wants to unite your TV content

Apple may not be building its own TV, but it at least has its own TV guide. The company unveiled the new software at its Mac event today, promising it would unite all of users' content in one place, making it easy to find new shows and binge watch favorites. The guide is available on iOS and Apple TV.

A TV guide may sound basic, but it could be a clever way round Apple's problems in the industry. The company has been trying to do for TV what it did for music for years now, serving up its own package of content to consumers, but it's been stymied by negotiations with media execs — who have reportedly balked at Apple's aggressive negotiating style.

The next best thing for Apple is a TV guide with universal search; an overlay that lets the company manage users' access to content from a range of different providers. The company laid the groundwork for this earlier this year with the introduction of a single sign-on for all content watched on tvOS. It remains to be seen how the new guide works in practice, but it's certainly another step forward for Apple's TV ambitions.

Developing. Check out our Apple MacBook event live blog for the latest updates and our Apple hub page for all the news!

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