Apple’s retreat from cars is another reason Uber should go public while Lyft is its only rival

It’s almost like making cars is hard.

That shouldn’t be a surprise. What is a surprise is that that’s come as such a shock to tech leaders.

There’s a phrase in the Valley: “Hardware is hard.” It’s typically invoked as a shrug-the-shoulder defense when a device like Jawbone’s UP has a hard time tracking sleep reliably or simply not breaking. It’s the excuse when a company that sets a record breaking Kickstarter campaign struggles to produce a product or find meaningful market fit. It’s the reason more VCs will back software and Web companies over hardware companies anyday.

If all of that applies to a glorified pedometer, it should be no surprise that Valley giants are backpedaling on the whole “making cars” thing.

The latest is Apple, via an in depth story by Bloomberg today. The article explains Apple’s messy shift from being a “Tesla” competitor to “an underlying self-driving platform...”

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