Axminster teenager Arthur Heeler-Frood has been missing six weeks today

Axminster teenager Arthur Heeler-Frood has been missing six weeks today

By Exeter Express and Echo | Posted: October 18, 2016

By Abbie Bray

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Axminster teenager Arthur Heeler-Frood has been missing six weeks today.

The 15-year-old has not been seen since 7.30am with his bike on his way to Colyton Grammar School on Tuesday, September 6.

The teenager took £350 of his savings and left home with no passport, no phone and no bank card.

Last week Arthur's parents sent out a heartfelt appeal pleading for their son to come home.

Parents Jeremy and Caroline Heeler-Frood appealed directly to Arthur in a video from Heavitree Police Station.

Arthur's mum Caroline said: Arthur we are missing you terribly, we don't know whether you are safe or what situation you are in.

"I don't think you realise how hard this is for us, please make contact.

Arthur's father Jeremy added: "If you don't want to call home then there is a charity called missing people that you can ring on 116 000, without your call being traced and they will pass on the message you have.

"Better still come home and talk to us. If there are any aspects of your life you are not happy about there are other options we can consider together.

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our friends and family and members of the public for all their goodwill and support."

Arthur is described as a white male, 5ft 4in tall, slight build and short light brown hair.

He may have changed in to casual clothes, he may be wearing blue jeans, black trainers and a two-tone jacket.

He may also have cropped his hair and be carrying a small rucksack.

Superintendent Sam de Reya also sent out an appeal directly to the missing teenager and said that it is an unusual case for someone to go missing for this long.

She said: "This is a really unusual case for us for someone to go missing at 15, and in this moment in time we have no clue where he is.

"We don't know how long he was potentially planning it for, what we do know is that he has taken £350 with him and some hair clippers which may suggest that he has shorter hair than in the photographs that have been circulated.

"We are keeping all options open at the minute we do know his brother travelled Europe gaining casual work to help pay for his travels and we do know he holds his brother in high regard.

"As of September 6, he left his bike in Axminster and he has made no contact with anyone since.

"All the investigations involved so far is that he hasn't accessed any bank accounts, he doesn't have his phone and his passport is at home.

"He could be anywhere, he could look older than 15, and he is potentially out there gaining casual work."

It is believed that even though Arthur has social media accounts he hasn't accessed any of his accounts since he went missing.

"We have a few hundred hours if CCTV to go through but he could have gone by bus, train or car as he had the money to do so.

"His disappearance is unusual character wise but he is capable, he sent a letter to his parents and he really thought the whole thing through.

"We suspect he is working and that he could pass for someone older than 15."

If you see him or have any information, please contact police on 0800 096 1233.

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