Dr. Strange Struggles as a Kids' Birthday Party Entertainer in 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Clip

By Nick Schager, Yahoo Movies

Benedict Cumberbatch will bring a healthy dose of magic to the Marvel Cinematic Universe when he dons the red cloak and mystical amulet of comic-book hero Dr. Steven Strange in the aptly titled Doctor Strange. While his superpowered character can bend time and space to his will, children aren’t so easily moved — as the Sorceror Supreme learned first-hand last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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In the funny segment (watch it above), Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange shows up for his latest gig — as a birthday party entertainer — a full 30 minutes late, albeit still prepared to battle whatever demons await behind closed doors. As it turns out, the fiends are rambunctious kids smearing stuff on the walls, screaming, and darting about like sugar-fueled maniacs. Though Strange assumes he’s been summoned to vanquish these unruly creatures, Kimmel merely wants him to live up to his LinkedIn profile’s claim that he’s “the mightiest magician in the cosmos,” and do some tricks for the pint-sized crowd. He’s ready to bolt — but even a master of the mystic arts finds it tricky to walk away from a quick $150 in cash, a decision that turns out to be unfortunate for at least for one rude little boy unhappy with his balloon animal.

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While Cumberbatch’s mystical abilities only get a brief workout in the above clip, they’ll be on full villain-fighting display when Doctor Strange debuts in theaters on Nov. 4.

‘Doctor Strange’: Watch a trailer:

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