Everything announced at Microsoft’s Windows 10 and Surface event

Everything announced at Microsoft’s Windows 10 and Surface event

Posted 10 seconds ago by Darrell Etherington
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Everything announced at Microsoft’s Windows 10 and Surface event

Posted 10 seconds ago by Darrell Etherington

Microsoft held a special event today in New York, where it detailed the upcoming Creator’s Update for Windows 10, and launched new hardware including the Surface Studio all-in-one PC.

There was big news in everything from VR, to Microsoft Paint (yes Paint) and gaming, including integration of recent acquisition and Startup Battlefield alum Beam.

Take a breath because there’s lots to cover, but here’s everything Microsoft unveiled at their October 26, 2016 event.


Windows 10 Creator's Update

The Windows 10 Creator’s Update is set to arrive sometime early in 2017, and will add a lot of improvements to Windows 10, including Paint 3D, a new social layer called “My People,” Hololens and VR improvements and a slew of new gaming features.


"3D for Everyone"

A big part of Microsoft’s pitch today was “3D for everyone,” which includes the creation of 3D content, sharing it and also consuming it, both on traditional flat screens and in immersive environments including mixed reality and virtual reality. 3D has long been a futurey buzzword so great to see it coming back in style.


Paint 3D

Microsoft’s new version of Paint is called “Paint 3D,” and supports easy creation of 3D images, using methods including Surface Pen input. The app is built-in to Windows 10, and Microsoft wants to use it to make 3D graphics creation accessible to everyone. The app lets you share to a variety of social networks, and import the creations of others to work with.


HoloLens Houzz demo

We’ve seen HoloLens, Microsoft’s mixed reality headset, before, but the company showed off a demo where you use Houzz to preview how furniture will actually look when placed in your home. HoloLens will be a big part of Microsoft’s push to make 3D more of an everyday computing experience.


Windows HoloTour app

Microsoft also showed us virtual reality applications in Windows, including HoloTour, a new app that lets you virtually visit distant locations. The immersive experience also includes a sense of where you are in the space.


Windows 10 VR headset hardware partners

A lot more Windows 10-compatbile VR headsets are on the way, including offerings from partners like Lenovo, Dell, HP and Asus. The new headsets will be priced as low as $299, and will including built-in space sensors so that you don’t need any additional hardware to achieve room-scale VR.


Broadcast your game with Beam

The Creator’s Update will include built-in game broadcasting courtesy of Microsoft’s newly-acquired game streaming company Beam. Beam’s streaming includes an interactive element for observers, letting them suggest what a player does next, or directing players to pay attention to the chat window, for instance.


Tournament creation

Gamers will also be able to make their own tournaments in the new Windows 10 update, which means you can create your own timed events or set up your own fantasy football-style leagues for whatever games you want.


Better audio support

Finally in the gaming category, games will support true Bitstream audio for Dolby Atmos encoding on Xbox One and compatible PCs, which is huge for gamers who want the best possible audio quality on their hardware.


My People

Windows 10 Creator’s Update will introduce a new persistent interface for connecting with the people you talk to most called “My People.” It’ll let you communicate with contacts quickly across multiple platforms, including Skype, email and more. This could get a lot more powerful with third-party integrations and the addition of more Microsoft tools like LinkedIn.


Surface Book i7

The Surface Book, Microsoft’s hybrid tablet/notebook device, didn’t get a visual update but it did get improved specs, including a big 30 percent boost to graphics performance and longer battery life.


Surface Studio

The biggest news of the day, however, was probably the Surface Studio, a new all-in-one PC that combines a 28-inch, high resolution PixelSense display with touch input, an adjustable base and a new controller devices called the Surface Dial. The Surface Studio also supports Surface Pen input, making it a very attractive option for creative professionals – even starting at $2.999. It’s available for pre-order now, but likely won’t ship in any real volume until early next year.


Surface Dial

The Surface Studio works with the new Surface Dial, a $99 accessory that works both on and off the touchscreen. The Dial is available as a standalone add-on that works with Surface Pro 3 and 4, as well as Surface Book, too – but the on-screen features are only available on Surface Studio.


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