Facebook and Oculus commit $250M+ for VR content, diversity, education

Facebook and Oculus commit $250M+ for VR content, diversity, education

Posted 18 minutes ago by Josh Constine (@joshconstine)
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Oculus wants to make sure the next computing platform isn’t dominated by white males like the last ones. The company has announced it will put $10 million towards supporting VR app and video creators of diverse backgrounds, including women and people of color.

This comes alongside over $250 million in investments from Facebook and Oculus to help developers accelerate the proliferation of high-quality VR content.

The diversity funding will go towards its Launch Pad and VR For Good programs, as well as to “amplifying new voices”. By supporting diverse VR filmmakers, audiences will get deeper understandings about life, justice, inequality and more from a new perspective.

$10 million will go towards developers building educational apps. These could make the classroom more exciting, allowing students to step onto historic battlefields instead of studying them through bland textbooks.

To make it risk-free for developers to build on the Unity platform, Facebook will pay for their Unity royalties on up to the first $5 million in revenue a developer earns. This way, they only pay if their app succeeds.

$50 million will be earmarked for mobile game developers. While the tethered Oculus Rift gets a lot of the attention, mobile platforms like the Oculus-powered Samsung Gear VR and Google’s Cardboard and Daydream headsets are the frontline of the VR revolution. Their portability and affordability make them easy for new users to try, giving them their first-taste of the larger VR landscape.

All in all, it’s a good time to be a VR developer because Facebook is fronting a ton of money to give them a jumpstart.

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