Facebook demos prototype of fine art-themed Live video filters like Van Gogh

Facebook demos prototype of fine art-themed Live video filters like Van Gogh

Posted 17 seconds ago by Josh Constine (@joshconstine)
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If you liked Prisma, you’re going to enjoy what Facebook’s cooking up. Today on stage at WSJDLive, Facebook chief product officer Chris Cox demoed an unlaunched prototype of Live video filters that make your footage look like it was painted by a famous fine artist like Vincent Van Gogh.

The feature is strikingly similar to an app called Prisma, which applies art filters to photos and videos. TechCrunch reported that Prisma’s European founder recently came to Facebook’s offices in Menlo Park, though we heard that was just a friendly visit rather than an M&A meeting.

Cox said that the video filters aren’t attached to any of Facebook’s products, but the demo showed how they could work with Facebook Live broadcasts. Live already has several basic color filters to boost low light or turn videos black and white. But offering more powerful features that drastically change the footage could help users feel less shy and self-conscious about being on camera.

During the talk, Cox and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg also discussed how Facebook sees itself as technology company. That’s despite its increasing need to make editorial decisions about what’s graphic or offensive but newsworthy, which is content Facebook said Friday it’s becoming more willing to display instead of censor.

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