Facebook’s adorable Halloween reaction emoji are adding ghosts where they don’t belong

Facebook’s latest seasonal experiment is Halloween-themed reaction emojis — a pumpkin replacing the usual “angry,” Frankenstein instead of “sad,” a witch for “haha,” and a ghost instead of “wow.”

The new reactions appear on all posts, both public and personal, and they’re retroactive. So even though you reacted to your friend’s rampage about her landlord refusing to turn on her heat with an angry-face emoji two weeks ago, it’s now a pissed off ‘lil jack-o’-lantern. The trouble with retroactive changes for iconography is a sad face and a Frankenstein head mean very different things. The use of a “wow” face, to convey shock over a sudden death, now displays as a ghost.

The Halloween reactions look fine and pretty fun here:

facebook emojis

A little off-putting here:

And terrible here!

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