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The policy was criticized because it was bad. China will face significant challenges supporting an aging population.

The population of India (and population growth in general) is not a problem on its own. There is a very surprising cause and effect between disease and fertility rates. Widespread childhood diseases and low expenditures on childhood education lead to higher numbers of children per couple. One would expect that the cause and effect works in the other direction, but it does not, and that supposed common sense belief has lead to many misguided, if well-meaning, catastrophic public policy decisions.

Unlike wild animals, humans do not bear children until they exhaust the resources available and some starve to death. Having a dozen children is the result of some form of social or economic pressure.

India does have challenges, but they are solved by better clean water infrastructure, access to education, and continued efforts to abolish class prejudices and discrimination. If those problems were solved, the pollution challenges of supporting a couple billion people on the subcontinent would be a walk in the park by comparison.

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