Hilarious hashtag on how Trump interprets classic literature

Hilarious hashtag on how Trump interprets classic literature

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2016%2f07%2f01%2f55%2f201606015aphoto.f76c6.5e5dbBy Lindsay Davis2016-10-20 09:48:36 UTC

LONDON — Another debate, another Twitterstorm.

And this one has spawned possibly THE best hashtag of the election season — #TrumpBookReport

#TrumpBookReport began trending after local politician and Twitter citizen Antonio French tweeted this:

Trump's foreign policy answers sound like a book report from a teenager who hasn't read the book. "Oh, the grapes! They had so much wrath!"

— Antonio French (@AntonioFrench) October 20, 2016

From Dickens to Rowling, people began to tweet their own ideas of how Donald Trump might interpret classic works of literature:

A tale of two cities. And you know? Chicago is a really dangerous city. Probably the most dangerous city. DISASTER. #TrumpBookReport

— Prima Materia (@TheHelenOfTrill) October 20, 2016

There were flies and I was their lord. You've never seen such a lord, I was the best. Also fat kid died, sad. #TrumpBookReport

— Grant Haun (@keyskong) October 20, 2016

It was the best of times. Absolutely phenomenal. It was the worst of times. Total disaster. #TrumpBookReport

— Ben (@noblerzen) October 20, 2016

Uncle Tom's Cabin, worst cabin in the inner city. Terrible schools. Nasty women & bad hombres everywhere. @AntonioFrench #trumpbookreport

— Melanated Soul (@RealMotha4Ya) October 20, 2016

Let me tell you about Les Miserables. He was a good man. Great man. Les. Such a man. He became miserable thx to Hillary. #TrumpBookReport

— Sunset Flip (@monkeysilog) October 20, 2016

"By the way the Rye. The Rye is a tremendous problem. But how stupid is the Catcher? He's not catching anything believe me" #TrumpBookReport

— Jesus Ali (@THEJesusAli) October 20, 2016

Those poor heights. They were wuthering. Wuthering so bad. Bigly wuthering. I'll make them great again. #TrumpBookReport @AntonioFrench

— Callie (@calliembush) October 20, 2016

Oh, Gatsby? He was a great guy. A great guy. Just tremendous. #TrumpBookReport

— Philip Lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) October 20, 2016

Don Quixote was a loser, ok? He couldn't even win against a windmill. Listen, I'll beat all the windmills, believe me. #TrumpBookReport

— Shannon Hale (@haleshannon) October 20, 2016

The first four slaughterhouses were losers. The 5th was tremendous. Huge. The best slaughterhouse. #TrumpBookReport

— Brian Fitzpatrick (@therealfitz) October 20, 2016

Everybody's saying the letter was scarlet. Maybe, nobody knows, but by the way it was huge. Really big. Coulda been orange. #TrumpBookReport https://t.co/ywXQe3OgKM

— Anne Scheer (@AnneScheer) October 20, 2016

Where's Wally? I know where Wally is. I'm the best at finding Wally. People claim I don't know where Wally is. Sad. #TrumpBookReport

— Dave Turner (@mrdaveturner) October 20, 2016

Look, I don't know Voldemort. He said nice things about me. If we got along with the Death Eaters, wouldn't be so bad. #TrumpBookReport

— big nose betty (@mayapraff) October 20, 2016

I think little red riding hood was asking for it. Why else would she be walking through the woods alone. I'm with wolf. #TrumpBookReport

— Tray Cleveland (@trayc361) October 20, 2016

Her house was so puny. If I had a house on the prairie, it would be the biggest house. Believe me, it would be huuuge. #TrumpBookReport

— Samira Ahmed (@sam_aye_ahm) October 20, 2016

"I'm not saying if you give a mouse a cookie, it will join ISIS. I don't know. Couldn't tell ya. But probably 100% yeah." #TrumpBookReport

— Rob Sherrell (@RobJustJokin) October 20, 2016

This code and Da Vinci made the code. I know Da Vinci and he's a terrible guy and his code, let me tell you its a disaster. #TrumpBookReport

— Rami Bensasi (@HolaRamito) October 20, 2016

The bridges, nobody builds a bridge like me. I'll build one and make Madison County pay for it #TrumpBookReport

— The Real B Ham (@TheRealBHam) October 20, 2016

Whether or not Trump "passed" is up to your discretion, but these tweets are an A+ in our book.

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