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Financing: you stated ~$10Billion for development cost of the ITS, but what can SpaceX offer potential investors? would ITS-specific investment entitle them to make use of ITS services (once available) on a quid-pro-quo or preferential basis, or would SpaceX prefer to only sell them company stocks?

Is SpaceX open to offers at this present time by entities (goverment or private) interested in establishing outposts on Mars - if so, what factors would SpaceX evaluate when selecting clients, ie. preferential status for US gov. vs. foreign gov. entities, or preference for private vs. gov. clients? Any entities you would not consider for potential investors / colonisation customers?

Can you describe your ideal customer / financier? what do they invest in development and recieve in return, what do they pay per ton to deliver infrastructure to a colony site, how soon after initial ITS test-flights to Mars can they expect delivery?

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