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Co-founder of imzy and Former SVP product @reddit
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Imzy, your new home on the Internet

Hey, I’m Dan. I’m the CEO of Imzy. I like to belong somewhere — I think most people do. I am a community geek. I’ve spent many years in the punk scene and have built some great communities online and offline — communities have been present and important my whole life.

My love for community became a passion when we founded redditgifts, where we brought together hundreds of thousands of people in nearly every country to do something unconventional — send gifts to each other.

As our lives have shifted online, we’ve found that our communities haven’t followed, and it makes us feel kind of lonely. So we decided to create Imzy, a place where communities can develop and thrive in a healthy way, and members can discuss and organize around all the things they’re passionate about. We’ve been learning a ton during our private beta over the last six months and have seen amazing people come together to connect and inspire one another.

Today, we’re announcing our series A funding, and we are ready to bring Imzy to everyone on web, Android, and iOS!

It’s our goal to build the first truly flexible platform for all of your communities, because your communities can’t fit into a simple bulletin board anymore. We intend to do this in the most responsible way for you, your communities, and the world at large. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes, and we’d love to share what makes up our foundation. The cliff notes are below. See here for more detail.

  • $$$: We are excited today to announce that we have raised another $8,000,000 ($11,000,000 in total so far), led by Index ventures. This capital will give us all the time and resources we need to make your communities the very best we can. We had previously raised $3,000,000 from CRV and OATV. Danny Rimer will be joining the Imzy board along with existing board member Saar Gur.
  • Home sweet home: We’re all about helping people find a home on the internet where they can connect with others, build friendships, and more — and that happens through conversation, just like in real life. We will be innovating around the kinds of discussion you can have online, and we’ve already started with live chat and threaded comments.
  • Who you are is up to you: Our members have the ability to make multiple identities, have multiple usernames, use their real name, or be anonymous. The community specifies the type of identity that is important to it. You get to be you, in the way you want, in the communities you want. These are all easily managed under one account.
  • Everyone’s welcome: Diversity and differences makes communities healthier. At Imzy, everyone has a voice, and we’ll do our best to make sure our members don’t experience harassment for speaking up.
  • Communities evolve: We recognize that communities evolve and their needs change. It’s very hard to build a platform to support all of the things a community needs to do. We are building a developer platform to allow developers to work with communities so that they can solve this problem for themselves, and other similar communities. For example, your community may want to hold meetups, listen to podcasts together, or hold a crowdfunding campaign. The possibilities are limitless!
  • Healthy communities are the best communities: By thinking about community first and questioning the way every single feature we build works, we can set the stage for positive community experiences. A healthy community needs time to evolve and grow at the right pace for the community. I have a lot of thoughts on this topic, which I’ll share over time.
  • No ads, and members can profit: We want to grow in the way that makes the most sense for our communities, and that means a business model that our members benefit from and contribute to, not one that uses them. We believe we can make money in a way that actually benefits our members.
  • Communities in your pocket: Desktop & mobile web, iOS, Android — you name it, we’re there.

Everything we just described is required to give communities what they need. What we are launching with today is just the foundation.

We need your help to make it great. We want to talk with you every day and learn from you to help us create something that fits your needs, interests, lifestyle, hobbies, and relationships.

Let’s build your new home on the Internet together.


Dan McComas + the Imzy team

Read the full version of this post on Imzy for even more community goodness.

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    Dan McComas

    Co-founder of imzy and Former SVP product @reddit

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