Oculus’s “asynchronous timewarp” helps lower the cost of high-end VR

• Yahoo reportedly scanned emails for child pornography and spam in accordance with a DOJ request to screen for a digital signature associated with a state-sponsored terrorist organization.

• Theranos is shutting down its clinical labs and wellness centers to focus exclusively on the MiniLAB, the new blood-testing device announced in August. This means the company is cutting 40% of its workforce, a total of about 340 employees.

• Following rumors that Salesforce may submit an acquisition bid to Twitter as soon as this week, Recode reported that Google, Disney, and Apple have reportedly decided against bidding. Even Salesforce may not be a lock, as CEO Marc Benioff said yesterday: "We have to look at everything. We're going to pass on most things." Twitter wants to wrap up negotiations by October 27, when it delivers Q3 earnings.

• Strap in your seatbelts because Oculus Connect 3 kicks off today at 1am (EST). We'll be posting updates on the VR device maker's developers conference all afternoon.

The NBA is hosting its first-ever hackathon: That's great, but I won't be impressed until they come up with a way to allow anyone to dunk.

• And Google fired a whole bunch of robots because they failed the "toothbrush test." Seriously. PM

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