Recode Daily: Snapchat has picked its IPO bankers

Snap, maker of the messaging app Snapchat, has chosen the bankers to handle its IPO, which could come as early as March. Leading the offering will be Morgan Stanley, which led Facebook's IPO, and Goldman Sachs, which helped take Twitter public. Snap is privately valued at about $18 billion. — [Bloomberg]

Meal-delivery startup Munchery is looking to replace CEO Tri Tran, as it struggles to attract new investors and develop a profitable business model. — [Bloomberg]

As the White House released a report on the promise and challenges of artificial intelligence, President Obama said the government should have "a relatively light touch" as the technology develops and take a larger role when it comes to crafting regulations. — [Recode]

On the latest episode of Recode Media with Peter Kafka, journalist Kurt Andersen reminisces about co-founding Spy magazine in the mid-'80s, a publication that was one of the earliest tormentors of Donald Trump and stuck him with the epithet "short-fingered vulgarian." — [Recode]

The company reverse engineered real burgers to figure out how to make synthetic meat tastier.

And if doesn’t get smarter soon, what does it mean for Apple?

We’re smart enough to solve real problems, but we don’t.

“They are usually aiming at what they call a medium-firm mattress, which is like the medium-rare steak of the mattress world.”

Most drones now can fly for only about 20 minutes before landing to recharge.

“Iron Man” and “Iron Man 2” director Jon Favreau explains on Recode Decode.

Josh Tyrangiel is keeping his head down and focusing on “Vice News Tonight.”

Next up: Shareholders will vote on November 17.

You, too, can become a founding member of a new space-based nation-state (whose "territory" will consist of a satellite), and take on the mission of promoting world peace and protecting the Earth from rogue asteroids and space debris.

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