Samsung is focused on the Galaxy S8 and is already promising discounts to loyal users

Samsung is focused on the Galaxy S8 and is already promising discounts to loyal users

Posted 5 minutes ago by Brian Heater (@bheater)
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This wasn’t how Samsung was hoping to end the year. As the competition is rushing to get product out the door in the lead up to the holidays, the company is licking its wounds and trying to move on from one of the largest consumer electronics PR disasters in recent memory.

For the South Korean tech giant, moving on means the Galaxy S8. For those concerned the company was ready to pack it in after one (admittedly extremely large, prolonged and costly) mistake, the company is already looking toward the next generation, even as an investigation into precisely what happened with the Note 7 remains open.

Samsung VP Lee Kyeong-tae acknowledged that any kind of turn around in the company’s fortunes is likely still a number of months away, as it flounders without a flagship.

The S8 is coming, though, and the executive confirmed with The Wall Street Journal that the handset will have a new design, a better camera and “an enhanced artificial-intelligence service.” Lee wouldn’t confirm it, but the latter certainly points to the result of the company’s recent acquisition of Viv Labs. The interview follows news earlier in the week that Samsung will offer South Korea Note 7 buyers who traded their device for an S7 the ability to trade up for an S8 or Note 8 when the devices launch.

All of this marks a rare bit of transparency well ahead of the launch of new flagship devices, but in Samsung’s case, it’s probably not a bad idea to reassure concerned customers and shareholders that something is, indeed, on the way. Hopefully it will have closed the case of the exploding Note 7s by then.

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