Samsung is selling some of its pretty Korean mobile accessories in the US

Samsung is bringing six of its Korean mobile accessories to the rest of the world next month. Among the first products Samsung plans to sell will be a "Wireless Speaker Bottle." The speaker looks sort of like a water canteen and is motion controlled. If someone puts it in a "pouring" position, the speaker’s lighting will change. If someone shakes it, it’ll change colors.

The company’s also going to sell a pretty cool wireless tray charger that can charge two devices at once, or three if a cable’s plugged in too. This is probably the most useful thing Samsung is selling because at least in photos, it looks discrete enough to put on a desk.

Everything Samsung is selling was already available in Korea, but maybe the company needed an extra revenue stream after the whole Note 7 situation. I don’t know. That’s probably not true, but it also could be. What else does Samsung want to sell you? Some earbuds and a USB LED light that’s powered by a massive 10,200mAh battery. Obviously that battery is for sale. There’s also a portable wireless speaker that includes a microphone for phone calls. It seems especially useful during bike rides.

Some of the products will be available in physical stores but Samsung says it’ll vary store to store. We don’t have pricing information yet.

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