Talk to your friends in swing states!

On November 8th the most important presidential election of our lives will be largely in the hands of swing state voters. Many of them are still undecided or simply do not plan to vote. That's where you come in.

Even if you don’t live in a swing state, you probably know someone who does.

Talk to your friends! Tell them what's at stake in this election, and why it's important to you that they vote. It's going to be very close. Your words will make a big difference.

Here's a template you can copy and paste:

Hey! I just wanted to remind you to vote on November 8th. You live in a swing state, so you must already know that your vote may decide who will be our next president. So please vote!

You can register or check your status in a couple of minutes, right from your phone:

Copy text

So far, 453 people have talked to their friends and family in swing states.

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