Tesla unveils residential ‘solar roof’ with integrated battery

Tesla will build and sell its own line of solar panels with integrated batteries, the company announced at a press event at Universal Studios in LA, today. The Powerwall 2 will allow residential homeowners to replace their entire roof with solar panels and integrated batteries, making it much simpler for homes to be entirely powered by solar power.

The event is currently streaming live on Tesla.com.

The products are a “joint collaboration” between SolarCity and Tesla, according to SolarCity CEO Lyndon Rive. Tesla is attempting to acquire SolarCity for $2.6 billion and shareholders of both companies will vote on the proposed acquisition in the middle of November.

Musk says there are three parts to the solar energy solution: generation (solar panels), storage (batteries), and transportation (electric cars). Musk’s plan is to sell all three of those products through Tesla.

Before Powerwall 2, those wishing to go entirely solar, with minimal draw off the electrical grid, would need to buy solar panels from a separate company (like SolarCity) as well as Powerwall batteries from Tesla that would need to be mounted on the side of the home or in a garage.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who announced the Powerwall 2 in the California sunshine, had previously teased the product in a series of tweets as well as the Tesla Motors “Master Plan, Part Deux,” earlier this summer.


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