The Tesla Model S Is Absolutely Not the Best-Selling Luxury Sedan in America - Autotrader

Consider, for example, its size. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is 193.8 inches in length, while the larger S-Class is 206.5 inches. The current (outgoing) BMW 5 Series is 196.8 inches in length, while the BMW 7 Series tops out at 205.3 inches. The Model S? It's 196 inches, which makes it shorter than the 5 Series, slightly longer than the E-Class and nearly a foot shorter than some of the full-size luxury sedans with which it supposedly competes.

Next, consider pricing. The base price range on the Mercedes S-Class stretches from $97,600 for a zero-options S550 to $227,900 for a V12-powered AMG S65. The 7 Series ranges from $82,500 for a base-level 740i to $138,000 for a sporty Alpina B7 xDrive.

Meanwhile, the base price range of the smaller E-Class stretches from $53,200 for a base-level E300 to about $106,000 for a top-of-the-line E63 AMG. The BMW 5 Series ranges from $51,200 for a 528i to $95,100 for a high-performance M5.

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