These are the features that make Google's new Pixel phones special

What makes Google's just-announced Pixel phones different from the Nexus products we'e seen before? It's all in the software. Yes, the Pixels will keep current with the latest version of Android and monthly security updates; those are important things! But this is no longer the bare "stock" Android that Nexus devices were always known for. Google has layered on new features exclusive to the Pixel and Pixel XL overtop Android 7 Nougat. A lot of the changes are cosmetic, but there's also some genuinely useful stuff that's reserved for Pixel owners. Here's what's new, and we'll be updating as Google's stage presentation moves along.

Google Assistant

Google’s answer to Siri and Alexa is one of the Pixel’s biggest features. Google Assistant is more advanced and capable than the Google Now voice assistant on other Android phones; it’s more contextually aware to what’s happening on your devices and in your conversations.

— Google (@google) October 4, 2016

Developing. Check out our Google Pixel live blog for the latest updates and our Google hub page for all the news!

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