This is what Nintendo Switch looks like: Arriving March 2017, going for console, handheld and tablet in one

GamingOctober 20, 20167:13 AM PDT

Nintendo's always had two different sets of products: handheld, and TV-connected console. Nintendo Switch is a fusion. Announced today, and coming in March 2017, the long-awaited system looks exactly like rumors said it would. It's a handheld system, a gaming tablet, and a dockable console in one.

The launch trailer just arrived, and you can watch below.

Nintendo Switch feels like several products in one: a handheld, a convertible tablet, and a follow-up console to the Wii U. But it also seems very focused on multiplayer gaming, especially with others in the same room.

What we know now from the video, and a press release sent afterwards from Nintendo:

  • Two controllers add onto the tablet to turn it into a Nintendo Wii U-like game pad. These are called "Joy-Con" controllers. Each one has four buttons and an analog stick, like the Wii U game pad.
  • It's portable like a Nintendo 3DS, but larger. Think iPad or gaming tablet more than pocket handheld.
  • The controllers can detach and a kickstand comes out, turning it into a tabletop game system like an iPad and game controller.
  • Each Joy-Con controller can act as its own controller, too, like a Wii remote. So, it can be used for two-player games on the fly.
  • The Joy-Con controllers also slide into a Joy-Con Grip accessory to turn into a full stand-alone controller. Alternatively, a full controller called Nintendo Switch Pro can be used, which looks more like a standard Wii U Pro controller.
  • It docks into a dock (the Nintendo Switch Dock) and turns into a TV-connected console. The handheld-to-TV switch happens instantly once the Switch is placed in the dock.
  • Nintendo has announced a variety of publishers working on Nintendo Switch games, including Ubisoft, Konami, EA, Capcom, Bethesda and Epic.
  • The Switch looks like a completely new platform compared to the Wii U and 3DS, but the trailer shows people playing Splatoon, a Wii U game...and small pop-in cartridges. We don't know if it's backwards-compatible yet.

More to come.

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