Wikileaks has revealed President Obama's personal email address

One of the caches of emails from Senator Hillary Clinton’s campaign head John Podesta released by Wikileaks revealed President Obama’s personal email address:

Messages sent to and from that address show that Obama near the end of his 2008 presidential campaign was working on setting up his new administration – even before he’d won the seat.

The emails show that Podesta recommended Daniel Tarullo’s name in a discussion about who should run Obama’s interim economic staff when he would be sworn in; in another message, Podesta reminded Obama about his recommendation of adding billionaire Warren Buffett to a list of potential members of an interim outside economic council.

Interestingly, a reply from Obama included a signature that noted it was sent from his AT&T BlackBerry. That makes sense, given that his email address uses a domain supplied by AT&T. However, CNBC noted that the Clinton campaign has not confirmed that the emails released by WikiLeaks are legitimate documents.

In case you’re preparing to flood Obama’s inbox, cool your jets: the address has been disabled and your emails will simply bounce back (we tried). Let us know if you find a better way to hit up the President.

WikiLeaks reveals Barack Obama's personal email address on CNBC

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