Advertisers Hit their Target: An Update on the Quora Ads Beta Program

As a new startup, LawTrades faced a common challenge for young companies: finding efficient ways to get the word out about their services and acquire new customers. Of course they tried the usual advertising channels that businesses turn to, but beyond that, they also began building a presence on Quora.

“On Quora, it didn’t matter that not many people knew who we were prior to starting to write,” explains Ashish Walia, COO and co-founder of LawTrades. “There are so many intellectually curious people there, including a lot of entrepreneurs with quick legal questions. We saw it as a big opportunity to build our brand.”

Founded in 2014 and based in New York City, LawTrades is a marketplace for startups and small businesses to find and hire high-end attorneys, without the pricetag. In order to reach their target audience, they began answering questions on Quora related to their areas of legal expertise. This not only helped them to build awareness, it also delivered high quality leads.

“Our conversion rates on Quora are very high compared to any traditional channel. If someone clicks through to our website from Quora, it’s likely because they’re reading something that’s pertinent to a legal service,” says Walia.

So when LawTrades had the opportunity to join Quora’s advertising beta program earlier this year—alongside organizations like Asana, Udacity, and WYNC Studios—they jumped on it. For starters, they had already seen the value in being able to share their knowledge in relevant topic areas, because it enabled them to reach people who were actively considering purchasing legal services. They could now target these same people with ads.

According to Walia, “The intent is always there for someone who clicks our ads, and it’s a much faster sales cycle. At this point they’re probably looking for an answer or solution.”

Not only did LawTrades increase their qualified leads through clicks on ads, it turns out that LawTrades' ads also increase their organic traffic, making Quora even more valuable. “Since we already have visibility on a lot of the questions, it helps when they also see an ad there as well.”

Last month, Quora launched its self-service ads manager to all advertisers in the beta program. Advertisers can now do everything from creating and optimizing ad creative, to setting and adjusting their budget, to exporting campaign results in real-time.

If you’re wondering whether advertising on Quora is a fit for your business, LawTrades’ Walia has this advice: “I tell people, you might not have that many customers, or not know where to find them. Check out Quora and see if people are asking questions related to your industry, because you can jump in and start building a brand right off the bat.”

Good news: it's not too late to join the Quora advertising beta program. Email to learn more.

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