Alexa will soon be able to send text messages through AT&T

Alexa will soon be able to send text messages through AT&T

Posted 25 seconds ago by Brian Heater (@bheater)
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Alexa’s on a quite a roll of late. Amazon’s AI assistant is adding new skills all the time, and this week the company’s adding one of its highest profile partners. On November 19, Alexa will get the Send Message skill, allowing AT&T subscribers to text one of ten predetermined contacts using their voice.

The skill works pretty much as you’d expect. Ask Alexa to text a friend on your contacts list and she’ll prompt you to speak the message, freeing you up to wash the dishes, your plants, play the glockenspiel and whatever it is people do with their hands while not sending a text. There’s not really a heck of a lot more to it than that, really.

The skill marks the first of its kind from a carrier, and looks to be part of a bigger deal between Amazon and AT&T that will also make Echo and Echo Dots available through the carrier’s retail stores on November 18.

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