CNN accidentally broadcast 30 minutes of hardcore porn last night

We all mess up every now and then — and that’s totally okay. But someone is probably getting fired for this one.

Yesterday night at 11PM EST, some viewers getting ready for a brand new episode of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown on CNN were surprised to see that scheduled programming had been replaced by 30 minutes of adult entertainment.

The mess-up only affected people in Boston, as CNN’s broadcasting there is provided by RCN, a local television provider. Even though the news channel was sending through the right video signal, RCN managed to mess it up and provide viewers with something quite different.

Twitter user @solikearose couldn’t wait for the newest episode of the popular travel show, but was shocked to find explicit material on her screen when she tuned in.

I can't wait until @RCNconnects wakes up tmrw & realizes that hardcore porn was broadcast on @CNN instead of @PartsUnknownCNN tonight

— Rose (@solikearose) November 25, 2016

Even though there had probably been a mix-up, it leaves me wondering how someone could mess up this bad. Luckily it was past bedtime for potential underage viewers, but that probably won’t save someone at RCN from getting yelled at today.

CNN's Boston TV channel accidentally broadcasts 30 minutes of hardcore porn on IBTimes

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