Distil Networks release fingerprinting technology to combat bad bots: Property Portal Watch

Distil's fingerprinting technology is a tougher measure in stopping bad bots

Distil's fingerprinting technology is a tougher measure in stopping bad bots

The global leader in bot mitigation Distil Networks has released the industry’s first hi-def fingerprinting solution to intercept bots that it says can harm real estate portals.

The new technology actively pulls additional data from the browser to identify devices with precision. It also inspects traffic at the perimeter, identifies malicious devices, and intercepts bad bots before they can wreak havoc on a website

A recent report released by Distil Networks revealed real estate portals are the number one victim of malicious web scraping, with a 300 percent increase in bad bot activity from 2014-2015.

Edward Roberts, Director of Product Marketing at Distil Networks, told PPW bot attacks on property portals were particularly malevolent.

“In property portals, bots scrape the content from one site and post it on another. It costs time and money to establish partnerships, build out backend systems, and pull listing data," he said.

"Scrapers enable competitors to avoid these costs and out price legitimate sites by operating at lower margins."

CEO and co-founder of Distil Networks Rami Essaid, who was a recent speaker at PPW’s Madrid conference, said the company's new fingerprinting technology is the way forward in fighting bots.

“Combating bots is a science that requires accuracy," Essaid said. "The process begins with gaining a clear understanding of web traffic and the devices that access your website, and for this reason, Hi-def device fingerprinting is the first step in successful bot detection and mitigation.”

How does fingerprinting work to stop bots?

The best way to think about fingerprinting technology is to view it as a border patrol website, just as when you enter a country, Roberts says.

" Your passport is checked, your fingerprints are scanned, you are questioned about where you have been and the purpose of your visit. The whole inspection is to make sure you are who you claim to be.

"In computing terms, Distil inspects the device that appears on your website and is looking to determine that it is a normal user on the site and not a bot. Up till now, identification of a device has been done by looking at the IP address but unfortunately, it is easily ‘spoofed’ or ‘faked’ and is not granular enough as an identifier.

This is where fingerprinting technology comes in.

"Our hi-def fingerprint looks at more than just the IP address. The browser pushes information to Distil within the header and we examine that data. We also go further and pull over 200 other pieces of information from the device, for example, which fonts are loaded on the device. When you put together all these pieces of information into a fingerprint, you get more accuracy and therefore greater certainty that you have identified a unique device. "

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