Donald J. Trump is your leader, America.

GOP presidential candidate Donald J. Trump is set to be the next president of the United States, after beating the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in a stunning upset.

She just conceded to him, after Trump eclipsed Clinton in both the electoral college and the popular vote,

It is a shocking result, which will rightly generate lots of soul-searching in the Democratic party, as well as in the media and across the nation.

It should generate the same kind of self-reflection for the political establishment at large, which has underestimated Trump and his supporters for more than year. The same goes for the news media, which didn’t see this coming, all the way until Tuesday night.

The world’s financial markets are already reacting. Futures on the S&P 500 are down 4 percent, Dow futures are down 800 points and other indexes are down as well. The Mexican peso has fallen by 11 percent.

Silicon Valley, along with the broader tech world, will also need to think about its role in the discontent voters expressed Tuesday. It’s an industry that believes that the future is always going to be better and that it can help get to the future, faster. But many Americans clearly want to be on a different path.

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