Don't believe this fake story about a billionaire giving all his money away

Don't believe this fake story about a billionaire giving all his money away

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2016%2f06%2f29%2f5a%2fphoto.9a556By Gianluca Mezzofiore2016-11-25 12:36:57 UTC

Reports that residents of a Spanish village have become millionaires after the founder of Corona beer died have been categorically denied by his foundation, Mashable can exclusively reveal.

According to widespread reports by British media outlets, Antonino Fernandez, who was the CEO of Grupo Modelo, the brewery company who make Corona beer, left 200m euros (£169) to 80 residents of Cerezales, the village of Leon province where he was born and raised.

Fernandez, who migrated to Mexico in 1949 when he was 32, died in August. He was 99 years old and a billionaire.

But the Cerezales Foundation (Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia) a cultural and contemporary art center funded by Fernandez, categorically denied these reports.

"I can confirm he didn't leave money to his villagers in his will," Lucia Alajos, the Foundation's communications department chief told Mashable. "His family recently opened his will and we actually don't know who got the money from the inheritance. But it's definitely not the town or his neighbours. Some family members have a house in the village, but they don't live there. They just come during the holidays."

A host of British news organisations, including The Daily Mail and the BBC cited a report on the local paper Diario de Leon as the main source for the story.

Others linked back to the Daily Telegraph, which later deleted the story.

Other news outlets that covered the story include: RT, The Independent, The Mirror and The Sun

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