Facebook has connected 40M people with Internet .org

Facebook has connected 40M people with Internet .org

Posted 13 seconds ago by Josh Constine (@joshconstine)
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0.5% percent of the world population is now connected to the Internet thanks to Facebook’s accessibility initiatives. Today on Facebook’s blockbuster Q3 earnings call, Mark Zuckerberg said Internet.org has helped 40 million people get online.

Facebook is driving this connectivity via its carrier-subsidized Free Basics app and Express WiFi hubs. Eventually Facebook wants to use its Aquila solar-powered drones, satellites, and other advanced technology to bring access to remote areas.

That 40 million user figure is up from 3 million in July 2014, 15 million a year ago, and 25 million in May, representing 166% growth year over year. Considering Internet.org’s Free Basics app being banned in India, one of its biggest potential markets, that’s strong growth.

Oh, and SpaceX’s rocket that explored on the landing pad also blew up Internet.org’s first satellite that was meant to bring connectivity to Africa.


If Facebook can continue making progress with Internet.org, it can simultaneously accomplish its mission of bringing the world together via the web while also getting more people online who could become ad-viewing Facebook users.

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