Google just redesigned Gmail for iPhone and made it way faster

This morning, Google released a redesigned Gmail app for iPhone with performance that’s gotten “a lot faster” in the company’s own words. The “fresh new look” includes sleeker transitions that result in Gmail suddenly feeling way more like a proper app and less like a clumsy overlay for Gmail’s mobile website. For one, swiping to archive or delete messages (depending on your preference) now feels as smooth and dependable as it does on Android.

Google has also brought over one big feature from Inbox: Undo Send. This new option slides up from the bottom after you’ve fired off an email, giving you a brief opportunity to take it back before all your typos are seen and ridiculed by coworkers. Search has gotten quicker with what Google calls “instant” results and spelling suggestions.

Unfortunately, this new Gmail refresh still doesn’t include a unified inbox, so you’ve got to switch between personal and work accounts and view them individually. Oh, and Gmail still doesn’t support the iPad after all these years, either. Those things alone mean I’ll probably be sticking with other email apps for the time being. But if you’ve been sticking with the Gmail app for all this time, well, it’s getting noticeably better today.

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