I'm With Nasty

I’m With Nasty

Im with nasty graphic designIm with nasty graphic design

The presidential election has completely taken over my year.
In early 2016 I started a design project to experiment with typography of naughty silly words called The Weekly Slam. When the election, and some personal stuff started going sideways, I lost my sense of humor about the use of bad words, even with good typography – and I dropped the project.

Fast forward to the night of the last presidential debate, I woke up excited to come out of retirement and make a Weekly Slam, Nasty edition, inspired by Trump calling Hillary Clinton a nasty woman. I tried to make the graphic available on Cafe Press for t-shirts and whatever other objects Nasty Women might like – but due to the fear of infringement they shut me down.

Instead, I had these 3″ stickers made with the graphic and I’m happy to share with you.

If you’d like one, just send a self addressed stamped envelope to:
Arin Fishkin Graphic Design
766 Valencia Street, #21, San Francisco, CA 94110
and I’ll send it back with a sticker, until they run out.
Im With Nasty sticker designIm With Nasty sticker design

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