Latino Early Vote Surges From Florida to Nevada

"Her lead over Donald Trump was larger than Obama's over Romney for the entire year," Sanchez said.

Sanchez argued that higher Latino turnout seems to be fueled by two things. First, he said Latino voters desperately want to reject Trump's disparaging rhetoric against Latinos, which has been a major piece of his campaign. Second, Sanchez said Latino Decisions has seen a steady increase in support for Hillary Clinton.

Latino turnout could be the difference maker for Clinton in swing states like Nevada, North Carolina and Florida. Frank Sharry, the director of America's Voice, said a high enough turnout may even get the ball rolling in Congress on another round of negotiations on comprehensive immigration reform.

"I think the way we’re looking at it, is that we’re gonna come out of this election having shown the growing power of Latino voters and for Latino voters [immigration reform] is a defining and mobilizing issue. They are gonna want action," Sharry said.

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