Snapchat’s Spectacles are available today from strange yellow vending machines

Snap Inc. made waves a few weeks ago when it announced Spectacles, a pair of $130 sunglasses with a camera on it that connect to your smartphone to take and send Snaps. Now the company has revealed how you’ll actually be able to buy a pair: from bright yellow vending machines — called “Snapbots” — that will travel around the country selling the device.

— Spectacles (@Spectacles) November 10, 2016

Each Snapbot will be in place for about a day, starting with one located right by Snap Inc.’s headquarters near Venice Beach in California. Prospective buyers be able to track where the Snapbots are located using a map on the Spectacles website.

Snap Inc. has said that the Snapbots will be the only place you’ll be able to buy a pair of Spectacles, at least for the first few months. Ellen DeGeneres showed off the Spectacles buying experience with some snaps sent earlier today. It appears that the Snapbot uses a built-in camera to allow potential buyers to virtually try on the Spectacles (in a manner similar to Snapchat’s augmented reality photo filter) before buying.

Additionally, if you can’t make it to a Snapbot but want to try out how a pair of Spectacles would look on you, Snap Inc. has a QR code on the Spectacles website that you can scan to add a limited-time filter to Snapchat for virtually trying them on.

scan the QR code

“try on” @Spectacles

have fun :)

— Sam Sheffer (@samsheffer) November 10, 2016

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