SoundCloud now lets creators apply for its revenue-sharing Premier program

SoundCloud is making itself more appealing to creators, or at least it hopes so. The company announced that it is opening up applications for its invite-only Premier program and launching new track editing capabilities within SoundCloud Pulse.

Launched more than two years ago, On SoundCloud is the company’s premier program that’s for content creators interested in monetizing their work through advertising. Participants were able to tap into one of five ad products: Native, audio, channel sponsorship, display, and contests. What’s more, five brands had signed up to provide the marketing messages — Jaguar, Red Bull, Sonos, Squarespace, and Comedy Central.

When implemented, audio ads would run for a minimum of 15 seconds, with 30 second ads providing a way to opt-out after the first 15 seconds aired. The selling point would be that there’s a revenue sharing plan for those in the U.S., along with additional statistics and promotional tools.

Even though On SoundCloud had been accessible through invitation, the company is no longer manually curating those participating. It has started to roll out a new application process for independent creators to join the program.

It’s said that more than 12 hours of new content is published to SoundCloud every minute and more than 12 million creators have their work heard monthly. With more than 135 million tracks now on the service, there’s certainly plenty of interest from those who are seeking to monetize their work — they’re not all necessarily creating stuff for free, after all.

“We believe we’re only as vibrant as the people on our platform who create and drive the uniqueness of the SoundCloud community,” the company said in a blog post. “We’re always working to provide the best platform for people to share their creativity, the most useful tools to build their audiences and get their music or audio discovered, and for a growing number of people, the opportunity to make money from the work they share on the platform.”

Other announcements include an update to SoundCloud’s Pulse, its creator-focused app that launched last year. Through it, creators can manage their work and starting today, the company has added the ability to edit track titles, genres, tags and descriptions, and specify whether it should be made public, private, or downloadable. SoundCloud claims that this is one of the “highly requested new features” from the community.

Within SoundCloud pulse, tap the […] icon to edit any track information.

Like most social-based services, appealing to influencers and creators is an important thing for one’s survival and traction. Just like with what Twitter and Facebook are doing around live video and what YouTube did with video creators, this is the same with SoundCloud. And in light of reports surrounding Spotify showing interests in purchasing the company, maybe as a way to defend itself from that fate, it’s showing it still has some fight left in it. SoundCloud declined to comment on that news.

To lead this fight, SoundCloud had enlisted the help of Joe Armenia as its director for artist relations where his job is to ensure that creators and managers have a working relationship with the company. Prior to joining the company, he was Rdio’s global head of artist, label, and influencer relations where he networked with major and independent record labels, distributors, and other content providers. It was after Rdio’s bankruptcy and purchase by Pandora, when Armenia wound up at SoundCloud.

Today’s announcements come as the company holds its 2016 artist forum which is being livestreamed.

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