Study: Most teens can’t tell the difference between fake and real news

• President-elect Trump's administration will not continue investigating Hillary Clinton in regards to her email server or the Clinton Foundation, former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway announced today. That said, Trump does not actually have the authority to make that decision one way or the other.

• ICYMI: Trump made a video statement laying out plans for the first 100 days of his presidency, which include investigating visa abuses and a notification of intent to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

• Trump was supposed to meet with the New York Times today but canceled the meeting after alleging "terms and conditions of the meeting were changed at the last moment." The Times claims it was Trump who tried to renegotiate terms. This move comes after Trump reportedly told off anchors and execs from CNN, NBC, Fox, and other networks during a meeting yesterday.

• The Department of State has issued an alert to U.S. citizens warning of "heightened risk of terrorist attacks throughout Europe" during the holidays. The alert will remain in effect until February 2017.

BuzzFeed is getting into e-commerce, with the quiet acquisition of Scroll—former Quirky CEO Ben Kaufman's new venture—and a new team headed up by Kaufman called BuzzFeed Product Lab.

• Looks like you can add Apple to your list of stores to hit up on Black Friday. The company has already posted a page on its site for the "one-day shopping event," which Apple opted not to do last year. PM

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