The Best Way You Can Help Hillary Now: Fund Rides to the Polls


If Donald Trump loses Pennsylvania, he won't be President Trump. In a razor-thin margin, the difference between winning and losing that battleground State is 110,000 votes - that means we need to find a way to pay for at least that many rides for voters who need them on Election Day.

We're raising money to fund rides for people who otherwise couldn't vote. To defend the big blue firewall, Pennsylvania.

Rides for people who are under family, work or financial pressure, no spare time. For first time voters and immigrants. For people of color, Millennials and seniors. Because of fear of intimidation by "poll watchers". For any reason that can be solved with a free ride. From anywhere, to the polls, to anywhere.

This is most powerful, impactful, immediate, practical, real thing you can do. Make free rideshare possible. $10 gets one voter to the polls.

An extraordinary coalition of My Ride To Vote and 30+ organizations are partnering to provide free car share rides for voters who otherwise would not be able to get out and vote.

How it works. Free PROMO rideshare codes on Lyft and Uber, "VotePA"

Our alliance representing millions of voters will reach out to their members via email, text, websites, radio, CATV, press, social and national media. Registered voter gets a promo code that gets them to their polling location. Your donation goes for getting the word out and paying for the ride.

Imagine it's Nov 9 and we lose Pennsylvania by a razor thin margin. And that tips the election. And we get a President Trump in the Oval Office. Impossible?

Donate anything you can. Please share this with your friends & family.


Paid for by My Ride to Vote, PO Box 1145, Menlo Park, CA 94026, not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. Not tax deductible.

Rides provided in select cities in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Florida. Subject to shared ride car availability. If we cannot provide a ride, please get to the polls by any other means.

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