This is Snapchat’s new Spectacles store in New York City

This is Snapchat’s new Spectacles store in New York City

Posted 10 seconds ago by Fitz Tepper
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This is Snapchat’s new Spectacles store in New York City

Posted 10 seconds ago by Fitz Tepper

Snapchat surprised everyone this morning when instead of dropping its Spectacles vending machine in a remote location like the Grand Canyon or Oklahoma, it opened a legitimate storefront in New York City.

The store is all white – and contains a sole Bot vending machine, as well as rotating TVs mounted on the wall that show off the 360-degree video that Spectacles can take.

The store is on the southeast corner of Central Park (literally across the street from the Apple Store) and will be open until New Year’s Eve. Unlike other locations the store will be restocking the machine when it sells out, meaning there now may be an opportunity to buy thousand of pairs of Spectacles each day in New York City.

Click through to see what the store was like:


Surprise! The store popped up literally across the street from Apple. When do you think the last time people waited in line for a gadget on 59th Street in New York and it wasn’t at Apple?


This was the store front – it was very simple with huge glass windows, a giant Spectacles banner above it, and a few Spectacles signs.


And here’s that giant billboard-sized banner above the store. You can’t miss it.


Besides the giant yellow billboard, this was the only sign on the outside of the store.


The line formed outside and went down (and around) the block. Snapchat kept the line orderly with wristbands and attendants making sure the line didn’t block any neighboring businesses. It’s almost like they were prepared for lines this long!


The line snaked around the block – there were probably upwards of 500 people in line.


Inside the store the line continued with another hundred or so people – but at least these people got to wait inside – it’s freezing today in NYC.


The only other thing inside the store besides the line and the Bot were these rotating flat screen TVs – they rotated and showed the 360-video that Spectacles can capture – just like if you were watching on your phone.


At the back of the store was a sole Bot vending machine. People went one at at time (and almost everyone bought 2 of them) so the line was pretty slow moving.[


Here it is. The company separated the machine from the line a bit, so it really stood out – and presumably so people could get pictures of themselves using it without a crowd in the picture.


And this is the front of the store looking out. Snapchat says they will be posting store hours online soon, and the store will be here until New Year’s Eve (but closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas).


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