‘This sh— will not stand.’ Tech investor Dave McClure delivers epic on-stage Trump rant

‘This sh— will not stand.’ Tech investor Dave McClure delivers epic on-stage Trump rant

by Monica Nickelsburg on November 9, 2016 at 12:07 pmNovember 9, 2016 at 12:11 pm

500 Startups founder Dave McClure leads the GeekWire Summit audience in 'power moves'500 Startups founder Dave McClure leads the GeekWire Summit audience in ‘power moves’

(Editors note: This story and the video below contain profanity).

“I’m pissed off. I’m sad. I’m ashamed. I’m angry.”

We hear ya, Dave.

This morning, in a very public, very earnest rant, 500 Startups founder and investor Dave McClure voiced his frustration over Donald Trump winning the presidency.

“What is fuck is wrong with you if you’re not pissed right now?” he asked the moderator and crowd at the Web Summit in Lisbon.

Tech reporter Adrian Weckler tweeted a video of the episode, in its entirety:

Wow, @davemcclure has a MELTDOWN on #WebSummit stage over Donald Trump election pic.twitter.com/aRJmFpYyQA

— Adrian Weckler (@adrianweckler) November 9, 2016

McClure is known for on-stage theatrics. At the 2015 GeekWire Summit, he delivered a lively discussion of the startup world and led the audience in the “power moves” he uses to pump himself up before important meetings.

When he started going off the rails at the Web Summit, the moderator made an ill-advised attempt to refocus McClure on technology.

“What do you mean bring it back to technology? It’s the whole of fucking humanity,” he said.

But he did end up addressing her question (sort of) with a diatribe about the tech industry’s culpability in the election results.

“Technology has a role in that we provide communication platforms for the rest of the fucking country and we are allowing shit to happen just like the cable news networks, just like talk radio,” he said. “It’s a propaganda medium and if people aren’t aware of the shit they’re being told; if they’re being told a story of fear; if they’re being told a story of other; if they’re not understanding that people are trying to use them to get to fucking office then, yes, assholes like Trump are going to take office and it’s our duty and our responsibility as entrepreneurs, as citizens of the fucking world, to make sure that shit does not happen. This shit will not stand. You’ve got to fight for your rights.”

He then called on everyone in the crowd to stand up and “make a god damn difference.” They responded with a standing ovation.

Monica Nickelsburg handles a variety of editorial roles, including social media, site production, and the Geek Life beat. Originally from Southern California, she studied journalism and history at NYU before landing in Seattle. She loves arts, pop-culture, and her adopted city. Follow her @mnickelsburg

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