This smart switch will control your lights, no wiring required

I love smart home tech. I think it’s the future and its time has finally come for it to go mainstream. I’ve even gone as far as outfitting an entire house with this tech.

But as someone that lives in an apartment, it’s difficult to take advantage of smart home tech in my actual home. I can’t re-wire switches (I would if I could), or replace my thermostat. And while there’s the option of smart bulbs, I’ve tested enough of them to know that they just don’t work nearly as well as smart switches.

That’s why I was so excited to discover the Switchmate. It’s a simple Bluetooth-enabled and battery-powered smart switch that you can place over an existing “dumb” switch without ANY wiring!

They connect to a companion smartphone app, allowing you to control them when within range, and have them turn on when you come home. There are also models for both toggle switches and rocker switches.

Each Switchmate costs $39.99, which might seem pricey, but it’s not that bad considering a good smart bulb or hardwire smart switch can cost up to $60.

Unfortunately, the Switchmate won’t work with my new Amazon Echo Dot, but the company says it’s working on a hub and third-party integrations, which means remote lighting control should be coming soon.

Regardless, the Switchmate is a very practical option for apartment dwellers looking to smarten up their homes.

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