Tracy Morgan Forgives Truck Driver Who Hit Him

Tracy Morgan Forgives Truck Driver Who Hit Him

Superfan TVNovember 4, 2016

On Thursday’s Conan, Tracy Morgan discussed his tragic car crash in 2014. Morgan said, “I forgave him and I’m not even mad at him no more … But you know who is mad at him? All my white neighbors.” Morgan was joking about his settlement from the accident.

Morgan continued to make light of the accident. He joked that his grandmother visited him in the hospital. “Just like every other old black woman, all she cares about is education. So I said, ‘Grandma, I made it. I’m alive.’ She said, ‘Good, now you can go back and get your GED.'”

He went on to joke that his uncle tried to steal his heart monitor and sell it to another hospital. Thankfully, Morgan was able to take his personal tragedy and turn it into comedy.

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