"Trump And The White Working Class" from Fresh Air by NPR on iTunes

Great show, but poorly edited as podcast
by NikitaSamuelle

I was very excited to have access to Fresh Air as a podcast since I'm usually working when the show airs. The interviews are great, but the editing has been disappointing. Segment changes are choppy and episodes often end mid-sentence. The Ken Burns segment of March 15 was a particular disappointment, ending less than 10 minutes into the episode. I love the show! I just hope the editing improves.

An Important move
by Bocher

Fresh Air is one of the few radio programs that consistantly brings important issues to light and generally gives us hope that the US is still populated by people with integrity and judgement. I am really not exaggerating when I say that making it easily available is an important world event! thanks

Yahoo! Fresh Air has come to iTunes!
by Nancy729

Terry Gross is by far the best interviewer in journalism. Her style is part intimate conversationalist, part tenacious questioner. Her interviews are generous and composed of questions that are not being asked by every other interviewer in the oft times flavorless stew that comprises American contemporary media. As a test, check out her interview with Danny Devito -- it's not schmaltzy confessions, it's as thorough an examination of Devito's inspirations and history as one can experience. Ms. Gross' personal and journalistic curiosity is unmistakable. She is in a league with few peers; her show is fabulous. I agree, though, that there appears to be a technical difficulty with the podcast as some sessions end abruptly.

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