Trump supporter arrested in Texas for voting a second time, claimed he was “testing the system”



2 hours ago

16,000 people say they will point and laugh at Trump Tower in NYC tomorrow

By the end of the night, we'll (hopefully) know who our next president is. Some Facebook users are already making plans for tomorrow. They say they're going to point and laugh at Trump Tower in New York City after the presidential nominee (presumably) loses the election.

"On November 9, the day after Donald Trump has cemented himself forever in history as a Loser, let's have Americans of all stripes and creeds gather at his office to point and laugh," reads the details on the Facebook event page. "Together, we as a nation will unite to let Mr. Trump know that we all view him as a tiny, little man undeserving of our respect. What a fun day this will be! Please invite as many people as you want."

Currently 16,000 people have said they plan on attending the event, and another 43,000 are interested in attending. EP

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