Twitter went down and people put on their tin foil hats

Twitter went down and people put on their tin foil hats

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2016%2f06%2f29%2fa2%2fhttpsd2mhye01h4nj2n.cloudfront.netmediazgkymde1lza0.9fdd0By Ariel BogleAustralia2016-11-06 22:40:50 -0800

Wake up sheeple! Now is not the time to sleep on suspicious connections between mega social media platforms and the presidential race.

Twitter went down globally Monday, and it's no mere coincidence. Or that's the theory, according to the concerned citizens who flooded Twitter's Facebook page (naturally) to complain.

The common thread, as they see it? The micro-blogging service is clearly in cahoots with Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

WikiLeaks released its latest batch of hacked Democratic National Committee emails just after 4 p.m. local time, around the time Twitter went down — a timeline that was thoroughly noted by the comment section.

While it hasn't yet addressed the Twitter outage, WikiLeaks did claim on Facebook it was suffering from a "massive targeted" distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack.

The group also issued a request for donations to upgrade its servers.

"Keep us strong," it posted.

Twitter has been contacted by Mashable for comment on the cause of the outage.

This story is developing.

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