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Thanks for the response, thanks for the video link too. Sanitation is a serious problem for many countries, I've been to a few and seen what it can be like. I still haven't been to Africa or India, so I'm sure I haven't seen the worst of it, or so I'm led to believe by documentaries.

Building better toilets is great and should be encouraged. From what I've seen of people in countries that are civilized, halfway civilized, and simply tribal, people who poop in the street, in a river, in a field, in a park, they wouldn't use a toilet if it was across the street. If you are okay with a stinky ass, and you haven't been shamed into not pooping in public, you will shit wherever you are at, outdoors, whenever you get the urge to shit. Some cultures shame or punish public defaecators and don't provide adequate public restrooms. People there poop in alleys at night, but rarely in public places in the daylight. Countries that provide public toilets and shame and punish public offenders, have cleaner public places. These are countries where people are ashamed of smelling like shit, (presumably because the country doesn't smell like shit and that means if you smell shit, everyone will know who smells like shit), those countries are the cleanest. Most people can't drop a deuce without getting some shit smell stuck on their ass, not without wiping. Everyone in clean smelling countries needs toilet paper or a bidet to clean up properly. Thinking ahead and carrying toilet paper with yourself everywhere requires effort, in clean countries that shame / punish public offenders, the easy choice is to use a restroom.

That is why I worry that treating the smell may be treating a symptom. Better, cheaper toilets, sure! Public education and a marketing strategy to shame people who poop in public would be for more effective supplement to toilet improvements than fecal smell improvement. I'm thinking that encouraging Hollywood to portray anyone defacating outdoors as primitive, shameful, or thoughtless, or in the reverse, to use outdoor defacation as a hallmark of a primitive, shameless or thoughtless person.

It is a culture change that is needed, treating the smell doesn't make it any more appealing to use the toilet.

I'm still open to the possibility this will do far more good than I'm aware of. I guess my first statement wasn't clear that I fully support toilet tech and see the need for improved sanitation. It is the smell removal in particular that I think is a bit misguided.

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