7 Feature-rich Social Media Management Tools to Use in 2017

Managing an influential and effective social media presence isn’t a cakewalk; It involves creating strategic content, posting on a consistent basis, analyzing posts’ performance and refining content strategy.

This is a guest post by Disha Dinesh of Godot Media

With so many tasks involved, it’s no wonder that social media managers depend on so many tools to get their job done. However, with social media management tools expanding their functionality, social media managers have begun to look for all-in-one solutions to manage their social presence.

When choosing a social media management tool, here are a few critical elements to focus on -

  • Content management â€" Ask yourself if your social media management tool is helping you make the most of your content and if it’s helping you balance the Content Creation: Content Promotion effort ratio.
  • Scheduling â€" Ideally, your social media management tool should make scheduling effortless and as per your requirements. If there is a tool that can keep your social media audience engaged unfailingly during peak hours of activity, then that tool is a great choice.
  • Reporting â€" Some social media managers prefer using separate solutions for social media analytics, but having that data within your scheduling tool can be advantageous.

The following is a list of 7 multi-functional social media management tools that you should be using in 2017.

1. DrumUp for social media scheduling and content curation

DrumUp is a powerful social media management tool that offer several useful features. It has five types of scheduling options -

1. “1-Click scheduleâ€â€Šâ€" which is self-explanatory 
2. “Automatic scheduleâ€â€Šâ€" where you let the tool choose the best time to publish your post 
3. “Custom scheduleâ€â€Šâ€" where you get to choose an exact date and time for your post 
4. “Repeat scheduleâ€â€Šâ€" where you can set the same post on a repeat publishing schedule at a frequency and number of repetitions chosen by you

5. “Automatic postingâ€â€Šâ€" where you can create a folder of social posts (by uploading them in bulk) and set that folder on an auto-posting schedule so your social media accounts are never inactive

In addition to advanced scheduling options, the tool also lets you curate RSS feeds and auto-post them, curate new and trends based on keywords with @mentions and hashtags, and add emojis, GIFs and editable images to your social media posts.

Finally, you can also view basic social media engagement metrics on the tool (likes and shares) and track click-throughs using an in-app URL shortener.

2. AgoraPulse for social media scheduling and monitoring

AgoraPulse is a multi-faceted social media management tool that shows a lot of promise. It has two types of scheduling options -

1. “Add to queueâ€â€Šâ€" where you let the tool choose the best time for posting or automatic posting

2. “Schedule onceâ€â€Šâ€" where you can choose a custom date and time to publish a post 
3. “Repeat scheduleâ€â€Šâ€" where you can set the same post to publish repeatedly on a schedule created by you

4. “Schedule againâ€â€Šâ€" where you can choose a date range for automatic posting

In addition to the above scheduling options, AgoraPulse also lets you “listen in†to your social media audience talking about your brand so you can engage them when it matters. You can address each social media message individually or assign them to your team for support.

The tool also offers social media analytics with basic engagement data so you identify your best posts and replicate that success.

3. eClincher for social media management and influencer outreach

eClincher is a neat social media management tool with several great features. It offers three types of social media scheduling options -

1. “Scheduleâ€â€Šâ€" where you can select the date and time for post publishing

2. “Repeat postingâ€â€Šâ€" where you can set a particular post on a repeat schedule for publishing

3. “Auto-postingâ€â€Šâ€" where you can add a set of posts to an automatic posting schedule

In addition to advanced scheduling, eClincher offers RSS feeds and keyword based content curation and social media influencer outreach, which you can use to track local influencers’ work and build relationships with them by staying in touch.

The tool also offers basic social media engagement analytics so you can analyze and optimize your social media management.

4. TweetDeck for Twitter management and real-time tracking

TweetDeck is a Twitter management tool that offers great support in terms of real-time keyword based tracking, organization of messages and tweets, and audience engagement. It offers two types of scheduling -

1. Scheduling of Twitter messages

2. Scheduling of tweets

Using the tool, you can add columns to track important keywords, hashtags or Twitter accounts. You can even track long-tail keywords or a combination of keywords. The columns can be filtered to include or exclude specific words.

While TweetDeck doesn’t offer analytics, you can use parent company Twitter’s in-built analytics to assess the performance of your accounts.

5. MavSocial for social media management and advertising

MavSocial is a simple but effective social media management tool with extra features for campaign based marketing. The tool offers two type of social media scheduling -

1. Date and time scheduling â€" where posts are set to publish at a specific date and time

2. Cyclical scheduling â€" where posts repeat on a cycle

The tool also lets you create social media campaigns planned with a start and end date, across social media networks. Additionally, it features an RSS reader, social inbox to organize and respond to social media messages and galleries for stock images.

Finally, MavSocial also offers social media analytics, supporting the tracking of basic social media engagement metrics.

6. TailWind for Pinterest and Instagram management and engagement

TailWind is a super-useful social media management tool for Pinterest and Instagram. The tool offers two types of scheduling -

1. Custom scheduling â€" where you can choose date and time for publishing (as this isn’t available for Instagram, you are sent a notification when it’s time to publish a post and can publish by clicking on the notification)

2. Repinning or regramming â€" where TailWind’s Chrome extension lets you repin or ragram any post to your accounts

In addition to scheduling, TailWind also offer Pinterest and Instagram monitoring, through which you can keep track of conversations about your brand or niche on the platforms.

TailWind also offers Pinterest and Instagram analytics and insights so you can figure out what’s working and not with your social media management strategy.

7. Buffer for social media management in teams

Buffer is one of the oldest social media management tools that continues to be effective to date. The tool offers two types of social media scheduling -

  1. Share next â€" where you let Buffer decide the best time for your post to go out.
  2. Schedule post â€" where you choose a date and time for publishing.

In addition to scheduling features, Buffer offers different access levels for team members whom you add to the tool, namely “Full Posting Access†and “Approval Requiredâ€.

The tool also offers social media analytics for engagement data so you can sort the best posts and model your strategy around them.

With the plethora of options available for social media management solutions, choosing the right one is a tough task. The smartest way to make this choice is by breaking down the tools into the features and support that they offer. This post describes 7 great solutions that are available to social media managers, but it’s also important for you to assess how these solutions match your requirements and if they provide you enough support to manage your social media presence.

About the Author

Disha Dinesh is Content Writer at Godot Media, a leading content creation firm. When she’s not on the hunt for social media and content marketing trends, she’s foot-tapping to the latest in progressive music.

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