How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing Social Media & Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing & Email Marketing : The first time I heard the term Artificial Intelligence, I imagined a laboratory of sorts where a mechanical brain was being built. But then I would think to myself, If Artificial Intelligence is built by humans how could it be called Intelligence in the first place & then it dawned on me- we learn, we develop skills & talents to acquire a level of intelligence, that's the case with AI too.

Artificial Intelligence is no longer a part of the fantasy world & is slowly taking over many tasks which previously were tiresome, repetitive & sometimes not possible. But the potential of Artificial Intelligence is immense.

Whether you are a part of B2B or B2C, Marketing is an essential process to garner interest in your products & services. So use of Artificial Intelligence with core marketing forms such as Social Media Marketing & Email Marketing is bound to be an association that will send sparks flying across the business landscape.

What exactly is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is basically machines or bots as they are called, that learn & apply skills, follow speech or visual directions & create responses or perform actions appropriately. Marketing is all about convincing the usability or gain possible from a particular product or service. So most people would wonder how bots or AI would fit in? What we need to understand here is an AI bot 'learns' from interactions with customers. For instance, if I constantly bought products related to cooking and it would suggest & try to convince me to buy cooking related books or stuff like that. That's the most fascinating fact about Artificial Intelligence, it absorbs all kinds of insights from its interactions thus can prove to be really valuable in the case of customer support service. Apart from this there are several other functions in the field of marketing & sales where we can find application of AI extremely useful. It has been estimated by a Gartner study that 45% of the fastest growing companies across the globe will employ smart machines & virtual assistants by the end of 2018.

How AI is Changing the way we Promote Through Social Media & Emails

The association of AI with marketing mediums such as Social Media & Emails is gradually proving to be one of the major advancements in the field of marketing technology. Let's explore how AI is changing the scene in Social media marketing & Email marketing.

AI in Social Media Marketing

With the emergence of the first social media site Six Degrees in the year 1997, where members could upload profiles & make friends, a major revolution began in the world of communication. Over the years social media has evolved remarkably to emerge as one of the most interactive & profitable mediums of marketing. Whether it is a B2B or B2C Marketing campaign, without a social media promotion plan it is essentially incomplete & will most definitely lack in terms of impact. The integration of AI in Social Media has added to the advantages of this medium of marketing. Right from sifting through millions of customer profiles to drawing inferences from consumer behavior pattern AI has added to the way we do business through social media. Let's now see a few examples of the application of AI in Social Media.

Slack Bots

Slack Bots profoundly change the way we market through social media. Basically they eliminate the assumptions & instinct that needs to be applied for posting content on social media platforms in order to promote products & services successfully. Slack bots help in in-depth analysis of content posted on social media related to your products or services & also aid in predicting the success of your posts by comparing it with similar content forms across social media platforms. Thus, slack bots not only minimize the guesswork but also speed up decision making in social media marketing.

LinkedIn & Bright

I am sure you get regular notifications on LinkedIn about the possible job positions you could apply for. This has been made possible by the association of LinkedIn with a job search site known as is a job search start up that utilizes various machine learning algorithms to make the task easier for both recruiters/HR managers within companies & job-seekers to find their match. LinkedIn analyses the patterns of hiring, account info, job descriptions, job location & candidate profiles to make apt suggestions. The fact that almost every business official who wants to stay in touch with the business world is on LinkedIn has made this AI integration even more useful.

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