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Love makes us do both crazy things and heartwarming acts, but all depends on each person's point of view. In any case, marriage is something meaningful, and everyone wants their proposal to be different, so what about choosing a virtual reality landscape to jump the big step? Ultimately, the Beatle advice doesn't change too much: all you need is love — Plus a couple of augmented reality goggles, and a developer-Cupid partner like Zero Latency in this case!

Virtual Reality MarriageVirtual Reality MarriageSource: YouTube

So after decades of hearing that virtual reality is the future, Alex didn't want to wait more for taking advantage of the leading edge tech while taking his relationship with Kelly to the next level at the same time. In this way, he did plan a few arrangements so that from playing their favorite video game, at the signal, being suddenly teletransported to the dream place for a futuristic, romantic proposal.

The wonderful world of VR: from killing zombies to Africa in seconds

The background story goes like this: once, Kelly told Alex that she felt they had a relationship in which it seemed they were already virtually married, and that definitely shaken up the head of the lovesick gamer guy. Indeed, shortly Alex did ask for some professional help to the Zero Latency group, the developers of the VR-based game Zombie Outbreak, who gave the green light to be complicit of the geeky love expression.

The programmers did recreate a landscape of a tree near the home of Kelly's grandmother in South Africa, where she used to play as child, and a very happy place of her memory's hard drive overall. Everything ready, invited by her boyfriend to just an afternoon of killing zombies with some friends, dying in the video game was the perfect excuse to revive Kelly the special place and ask her to spend the rest of their lives together, since at the end she stated she "never felt so alive before."

Luckily for Alex, after sinking the knee both in real and digital world, she got a robust, non-virtual "yes" at all… And they lived happily ever after — Until zombies ate them, ha!

When virtual reality gets out of control…

Honestly, it's hard not to be stirred by such lovely proposal, and I cannot wait to hear about what they're planning for the wedding itself — Though if I were the husband, I would hope it doesn't has to do with VR, otherwise it will be a quite expensive wedlock for the responsible of costs.

Resultado de imagen para zero latency proposalResultado de imagen para zero latency proposalSource: YouTube

Anyways, I guess a dose of virtual reality blended with love doesn't bother anyone, but what when an imaginary, relatively nonexistent dimension turns into the main space to live human life? I wonder if medically, that could be considered as illness, and it would be really interesting to hear the answer from an experienced, expert voice of the field, considering this is starting to get usual in Japan.

In fact, the passion for the anime has reached a weird level in Japan, where developers did make it possible to build a relationship and even marry a virtual couple through the Niizuma Lovely x Cation, a virtual reality video game.

Virtual Reality WeddingVirtual Reality WeddingSource: YouTube

However, although it might sound a bit insane at the very beginning, the main target of the game is to encourage people trying truly romantic adventures in real world after practicing, experiencing and having fun through the game, according to the CEO Hideo Ito from Hibiki Works, the company responsible of giving life to the virtual platform for the geeky, anime-based romance.

"The ceremony seemed quite complete, and the visual effects corresponded to my taste," are some of the feedbacks followed by experiencing the virtual reality marriage, as it was stated by Iwasa Ryo, a 'boyfriend' who celebrated his wedding in Tokyo recently.

Virtual RealityVirtual RealitySource: The Quint

In any case, nowadays technology is boosting the skill of creating whatever we are able to imagine by translating it into codes, and that's probably why the Apple CEO, Tim Cook, dares to say that learn to code is even important than learning English.

So do you feel inspired after a virtual reality marriage proposal that could become into trend? Or do you feel like marrying a virtual partner as if we were already living in some sort of Matrix parallel universe? Anyways, just in case you're marrying in a VR-place based in Japan, I suggest you to try this robot-staffed hotel.



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