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Mobile marketing is a mobile user centered marketing approach to reach out to target users. It enhances users engagement by focusing on "smart devices" which most of your customers use the whole day. Also, mobile marketing makes it easy not only for users to leverage your services, but also for you to offer a business value.

In addition, mobile marketing allows you to have direct marketing communication with target users and it has a great opportunity of going viral. You can also send out specific contents to target users and gather customer data effectively. However, mobile marketing works only if you offer mobile users with suitable contents. Check out "Why You Should Use Mobile Marketing" to see the pros and cons of mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing is very useful to reach out a large number of users and expands your business market. Here're 6 ways to use mobile marketing in your business to enhance user engagement.

This is critical and the first thing you should do to perform mobile marketing effectively. It would be uncomfortable if your website requires users to zoom in every time they read texts. For example, responsive design adapts and changes web contents in accordance with screen sizes and browsers. In addition, it is good for your overall SEO performance. Make sure to have a mobile user friendly website to avoid high bounce rates.

Short Message Service (SMS) is the most used mobile marketing approach. It allows you to have instant communication with customers by short text messages up to 160 characters. Since it requires only the phone numbers to send, it is easy to get started with SMS marketing. Don't forget to get permission before sending, or you might harm your reputation and spam your customers.

Location Based Service (LBS) is  a service to send custom information or promotions based on the geographic information of mobile devices through GPS. For example, you can accelerate your local business and provide mobile coupons at the best moment. It gives you a better understanding of user behavior by tracking analysis.

Mobile advertising is a fast-growing and powerful promotion method which displays advertisements on mobile web pages and in mobile applications. By placing relevant information to what users are doing with their mobile devices, it is possible to not only attract users but also improve greatly lead generations and sales conversions. Make sure to have the right advertisement where your targets are.

Mobile application is costly compared with other mobile marketing approaches, but it can highly engage customers and increase customer loyalty. It allows you to deliver your coupons and promotions directly to target customers and provide a better user experience. Additionally, it enables users to perform mobile payments, either through your application via payment gateways, or linking the phone with a mobile payment system.

QR codes store certain information which it is accessible through smartphones by scanning the codes using the camera. This is not necessary for mobile marketing, but it does help you to drive traffic to web properties and improve conversions and customer engagements.

There are many new business possibilities in mobile marketing for branding taking advantage of mobility, mobile B2B services, integration with mobile video, etc. Mobile marketing is a still developing market and it gives you a proactive business opportunity to further develop strong connections with mobile users.

Keep in mind that mobile devices have diverse platforms. There are devices with different screen sizes and performance varies for each browser. So you must have contents optimized for mobile platforms and display them correctly.

How do you perform your mobile marketing?

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